Readers ask: What Age Do Kids Learn To Pronounce R?

Many children can say a correct “R” sound by the time they are five and a half years old, but some do not produce it until they are seven years old. In general, if your child is not producing the “R” sound by the first grade, you should consult with a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

What sounds should a 4 year old be able to say?

around 4-5 years: f, sh, zh, ch, j, s, and cluster sounds tw, kw, gl, bl. around 6 years: l, r, v, and cluster sounds pl, kl, kr, fl, tr, st, dr, br, fr, gr, sn, sk, sw, sp, str, spl. around 7-8 years: th, z, and cluster sounds sm, sl, thr, skw, spr, skr.

Why is the R sound so difficult?

The “R” sound is hard for some children because it is difficult to see the tongue when you say it and it is hard to explain to a child how to make it. Notice how the “R” sound looks and feels different as you say each word. In horn and cover, the “R” sound is different because of the vowels next to it.

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How do you teach initial R?

10 steps to teach initial /r/

  1. Learn techniques for creating a puffy wide tongue.
  2. Hold the puffy tongue and add a short /a/ sound.
  3. Slide from initial short /a/ (puffy tongue) into long vowel sounds.
  4. Slide from initial short /a/ (puffy tongue) into short vowel sounds.
  5. Add word endings to initial short /a/ (puffy tongue)

How do you fix the R sound in speech?

The tongue will need to be raised to the roof or top of the mouth to make the R sound. You could have your child make the L sound to demonstrate this placement of the tongue. The tongue will be placed at the bump on the roof of the mouth just behind the two front teeth.

Is it normal for a 4 year old to not speak clearly?

Although your child should be speaking clearly by age 4, they may mispronounce as many as half of their basic sounds; this is not a cause for concern. By age 5, your child should be able to retell a story in their own words and use more than five words in a sentence.

Does my 4 year old have a speech problem?

Most children can say almost all speech sounds correctly by 4 years old. A child who does not say sounds by the expected ages may have a speech sound disorder. You may hear the terms “articulation disorder” and “phonological disorder” to describe speech sound disorders like this.

Why can’t I say R?

Rhotacism is a speech impediment that is defined by the lack of ability, or difficulty in, pronouncing the sound R. Some speech pathologists, those who work with speech impediments may call this impediment de-rhotacization because the sounds don’t become rhotic, rather they lose their rhotic quality.

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Why do kids have a hard time saying r?

Approximately 8-9 percent of young children have some kind of speech or language disorder. One of the most common speech and language disorders a child may experience is an inability to pronounce the /r/ sound correctly. This particular speech impediment is known as rhoticism.

How do I get rid of R Lisp?

3 Effective Strategies to Get Rid of a Lisp

  1. Start by raising the side of your tongue, like a butterfly’s wing.
  2. Slightly touch the back teeth with your tongue. This is to ensure that the tip won’t extend beyond the front teeth.
  3. Pronounce the “s” sound for thirty seconds and then the “z” sound for another thirty seconds.

What age should a child master the R sound?

The age range for mastery of the /r/ sound is quite large. Many children master the sound by age five and a half, while others don’t produce it correctly until age 7. A general rule of thumb is that if they aren’t pronouncing it correctly by the first grade, seek advice from a licensed speech language pathologist.

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