Quick Answer: What Age Do Kids Learn U.S. States?

State Compulsory school age Kindergarten entrance age
Hawaii 5 on or before 7/31 5 on or before 7/31
Idaho 7 by first day of school 5 on or before 9/01
Illinois 6 on or before 9/01 5 on or before 9/01
Indiana 7 5 on 8/01


What grade do kids learn all 50 states?

50 States | Grades 2-5. Travel virtually through all 50 of the United States of America.

How do I teach my child the 50 states?

6 Ways to Teach the USA States and Capitals

  1. Break The States into Regions. Whatever you do, don’t toss the entire USA map at your child and expect them to learn it all.
  2. Learn about Each State.
  3. Sing Silly Songs.
  4. Color the State Map A Few Times.
  5. Play Scrambled States of America.
  6. Assemble Puzzles of the USA States.

Do kids need to know state capitals?

One of the first things children seem to learn when they study geography in school is the names of the state capitals. It’s generally considered a staple in a child’s elementary curriculum, whether in public school or homeschool. There’s nothing wrong with learning them.

How can I help my child learn states and capitals?

7 Fun Ways to Study the States and Capitals

  1. Introduce States & Capitals by Region of the Country.
  2. Bring in FOOD!
  3. Listen to Songs on YouTube.
  4. Assemble Puzzles of the United States.
  5. Play iPad Games for Review.
  6. Partner Quiz.
  7. Yo, Sacramento!
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What is the easiest way to learn the states and capitals?

Hands-on Ways to Learn States and Capitals

  • Request postcards from each state via Facebook homeschool group or by emailing each states tourism board.
  • Build the USA using a large floor puzzle.
  • Make cookies into some of your favorite shapes or buy a state or country cookie cutter and cut your sandwich into a shape.

How do you learn the states and capitals?

How to remember capitals of Indian states easily:

  1. MAHARASHTRA – MUMBAILargest state in India is MUMBAI.Maha = Large.
  2. JHARKAND – RANCHIImagine a Jar full of French fries but when you put your hand it RAN away from you.

What is the capital city of all 50 states?

Your state capital is important because it’s where the state government operates. Now, it might seem like a state capital would naturally be the largest city in the state. However, this is only the case for 17 capitals. Therefore, the names of the capitals can be challenging to memorize.

Why is it important to know the states and capitals?

State capitals are important because they house the governments of their states, with a meeting place for the state legislature. Many meeting buildings are called capitols, which are distinguished from capitals in that capitol refers to buildings while capital always references a city.

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